Large 130mm 10 piece Matryoshka Art Dolls,

These dolls are uniquely created by artists in Saint Petersburg Russia. The dolls are signed and dated by the artist who painted them. Each Matryoshka has 10 dolls (19 pieces) and is crafted from seasoned lime wood. If treated with reasonable care your family will be passing your Matryoshka Doll to loved ones for many generations.

These large size dolls are accented with gold leaf and gold paint. The gold leaf is applied directly to the wood by rubbing it on and covering it with translucent paint and/or lacquer. The dolls are created with a main color theme, such as red, green, or blue. The painting of the faces uses the natural light color of the lime wood and delicate paint and lacquer for a color depth and realistic look.

The dolls are "dressed" in a floral pattern. The main pattern and color theme is consistant between each of the dolls in the set. Even the smallest doll in the set of 10 has a face. The inside surfaces of the dolls are natural wood. The Outer most doll has a small pedistal so that is will set securly without tipping over. The mating edges of the dolls are treated with heat to harden the surface and make assemble easier.

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